In the fast-evolving sectors of tech, media, and advertising, the right leadership is crucial. These industries demand leaders who are not just administrators but visionaries - individuals who can foresee market trends, embrace technological advancements, and craft impactful narratives. Our retained executive search services are tailored to these needs. We understand that in these sectors, finding the right executive goes beyond conventional talent sourcing; it's about identifying leaders who can steer your organisation through the complexities of digital transformation, creative storytelling, and innovative advertising strategies. Partner with SM Recruitment to find leaders who don’t just fill a role, but who will drive your organisation into the future..

Successful recruiting is measured by two things: People and Process. The relationship between the recruiter and client is paramount to success. A targeted search can only begin when both partners trust and understand each other. A search firm’s ability and integrity combined with a client’s transparency and collaborative mindset are key to launching a successful recruitment campaign.


Retained Executive Search: When Precision Is Key

Retained Executive Search is your go-to option when the roles you're looking to fill are of high strategic importance to your organisation. Ideal for senior-level positions, C-suite executives, and specialised roles in tech, media, and advertising, a retained search ensures a dedicated, thorough, and confidential approach. This service is particularly beneficial when the role requires a unique set of skills or when it's crucial to your company's success and requires a candidate who not only aligns with the technical requirements but also embodies the vision and culture of your organisation. In a retained search, our commitment is deep-rooted, offering an exclusive partnership that prioritises your needs and devotes extensive resources to finding the perfect match for your high-stakes positions.

Why SM Recruitment Should be Your Retained Partner

In our history, over 85% of our placements are still employed by our clients. Additionally, close to half of our business comes from referrals and existing client relationships, showing the level of our track record, skills, and expertise.

Contingent Search: Flexibility For Dynamic Needs

Contingent Search is ideal when you need to fill junior to mid level positions that are important but not necessarily at the strategic core of your organisation. This approach suits roles where a broader range of candidate profiles could be a fit, and where speed and flexibility are key considerations. It's particularly effective for roles in fast-paced sectors like tech, media, and advertising, where market demands and skills requirements can change rapidly. Contingent search is also a good choice when you're looking to fill multiple roles or have ongoing recruitment needs. Our contingent search services offer a robust, responsive approach, ensuring you get access to a wide pool of qualified candidates, with payment contingent upon successful placement, aligning our success with yours.

Your Contingency Search Partner: SM Recruitment

The team will tailor your search from start to finish. Our expert recruiters understand the kind of people your company needs and leverage our networks and partner-centric process to deliver a highly productive, and fruitful search journey. We only work contingent projects as a sole agency.